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Meet Our  Staff...

Coach Tiffany is the owner, director and lead coach of Dance Attack/Attack Cheer Elite.  She has been dancing since the age of three and involved in cheer and tumble since Junior High.  She danced through college where she met her husband, Miles, of now 19 years.  She has 5 children, 3 of which cheer and dance.  Tiffany has been coaching dance, cheer and tumble for more than 10 years.  She currently coaches at the studio, as well as 2 High Schools and one K-8th grade school.  

Certified through the USASF in tumble, stunting and tosses, Tiffany is excited to share her knowledge with students.  

Coach Kaitlyn Lee started dance when she was two and danced for 10 years until she followed her sisters into the amazing world of cheer.  She has cheered on levels 1-5 and competed with her team twice at D2 Summit in Florida, where her teams placed in the top 20 both occasions. She became a junior coach at the age of 14 after proving herself in the areas of skill and leadership. She coached for many years before taking some time off to persue her college education.  Coach Kate loves children and is persuing a career in elemetary education at ASU.  She has been with the Dance Attack family since fall of 2021.  She is excited to share her passion of cheer with her athletes. 

 Mackenzie is so excited to be a part of the Dance Attack team.  She has been cheering and dancing since the age of 3.  At age 12 she committed to cheerleading and continued to cheer through high school.  In high school she accepted her first job as a gymnastics coach and absolutely loved it.  After high school she continued to coach until she became a mom.  She has one amazing daughter who is also a part of the Dance Attack cheer team and is enjoying it very much.  She is very passionate about this sport and cannot wait to share her passion and experience with all her students. 


 Ms. Frankie has been a part of the Dance Attack family since it opened in 2009.  She brings a wealth of cheer and dance knowledge she aquired in her youth.  She began as a receptionsist and through her experiences and training she is now coaching.  In the past 10 years she has also worked as a Director at a dance studio in CO, opened her own dance studio and worked as a HS Cheer Coach here locally.  Frankie brings with her a passion for dance and cheer.  She is also finishing up her elementary education degree and hopes to teach in the near future.  She is excited to be back coaching with the Attack Cheer Family. 


Meet Lindsey!  She is so excited to be coaching the kiddos at Dance Attack.  She is a hairstylist by day and cheer coach by night, as well as a mom full time.  She has two kids who are her world.  Her daughter has been cheering with our teams for a few years.  Lindsey has been cheering since she was 12 years old, including competitive from 12-18, 4 years on her high school team, and 2 years in college. She is beyond excited to be in the Dance Attack Family.  


Grace has been cheering and dancing since she was 3 years old.  She has been on competitive cheer since she was 7 and tumbling since she was 5.  She graduates from Skyline High School in 2019 where she has cheered on the varisty team all four years of high school.  She will be attending ASU in the fall and continuing to coach and cheer her freshman year.  

Christine is a single mom of 2 amazing kids.  Christine started dance and cheer when she was 8 years old.  She enjoys many different types of dance, cheer and fitness.  She received her personal training certificate in 2011, where she began training one on one and small groups.  Since Christine has been working with children since she was 18 years old through various paid and volunteer jobs.  She loves children of all ages and strives to teach them, learn from them, and hopefully make a difference in their lives.  She received her NREMT licence in 2020, CMA in 2011, and will receive her paramedic license by 2023.  We are excited to have Christine on our staff as our stretch, strength and endurance coach here at ACE.   


My name is Gina Popineau. I started cheer when I was 3 years old and grew up competing with pop warner, all star and school teams.  I graduated from Benedictine College in Atchison, KS, in 2016 where I finished my cheer career as captain of our program.  After graduating, I began teaching elementary school and coaching high school cheer.  Before moving to AZ, I coached tumble and stunt classes at a local training gym in CO. I am now in my 2nd year of coaching high school and am excited to be a part of the Dance Attack family. 


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